Phi Mu

Brenau University

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Why Join Phi Mu

 Maybe you have it all figured out, maybe not. In either case you'll need friends to help you along the way. Girlfriends. Sisters. Friends committed to you through a lifetime of ups and downs. Friends who'll help you grow as a person and as a leader. Friends who'll be there when you realize that you really don't have it all figured out. Friends who'll need you to be there for them, too. You know the type. They are the girlfriends who demonstrate that BFF sort of connection with you. They are there to build you up and to be by your side as you build up others. They have a special sort of energy about them. They are vibrant. And they're looking forward to friending you at Phi Mu.

Four Reasons YOU should be a Phi Mu:

  • To Make Friends
  • To Be The Best You
  • For An Opportunity To Lead
  • Because You Like To Help Others

Here is why sisters of Mu Chapter think YOU should join Phi Mu...

"I joined Phi Mu to find my home away from home... I never thought it would become such a huge part of my life and I cannot even imagine my life without my sisters anymore! From the outside looking in you can never understand it. From the inside looking out you can never explain it." - Lauren LaRicci

"You should join Phi Mu because your sisters can make your stressful college days better with happiness and laughter." - Kaitlyn Salter

"To broaden your horizons and put yourself outside your comfort zone. Find your niche and expand your potential!" - Andi Eckardt

"You should join Phi Mu because you will find encouragement, strength, inspiration & a home in these group of women. My sisters challenge me to uphold the type of woman I am becoming while loving me & supporting me in all I do. At the same time, in Phi Mu, you find the most hilarious & positive group of people that will always ease whatever hard time college throws at you. Being a Phi Mu is the best decision I've ever made." - Kari Twyman

"I went Phi Mu because the moment I walked in the house I felt like I belonged. Phi Mu is a place that I can be myself, and nobody will judge me, it is a place that I can be me." - Our Rho Gamma

"Phi Mu was the only place I felt at home! I had an immediate connection with the girls at Winter Weekend. Phi Mu has a family connection like no other & I love each & every one of my sisters. It's like having a sleepover with your best friends every night! Put it this way, I know about 20 girls who will answer their phone at 3 AM for me! I joined Phi Mu because it is a sisterhood like no other!" - Olivia Davis

"You should join Phi Mu because this sisterhood gives you a constant support system with girls who are there for you 24/7, no matter what the case may be!” - Amber Stowers

"You should join Phi Mu because you will have friends committed to you for a lifetime, sisters that are there to help you grow as a person, in your faith, & as a leader. The sisterhood in Phi Mu is extraordinary; a place filled with so much laughter & love. Each one of sisters has an individual & unique personality & I love that we can all be ourselves & everyone still loves you for it. I would never go back on my choice to join Phi Mu, because there truly is no place like HΦΜE!" - Allison Smyth

"Phi Mu encourages you grow as a person socially, academically and morally. I would not be the woman I am today without the continuous love and guidance of my Phi Mu sisters! Our irreplaceable bond is extremely uplifting and I am so blessed to be surrounded by such Godly women. The Creed of Phi Mu is what I base my life around; practicing day by day love, honor, and truth.” - Mason Garland

"I joined Phi Mu to have a home away from home. Being from Florida, I didn't know how well I would adjust when I came to Georgia. Once I went through recruitment I found the sisterhood that would give me that feeling of home. Phi Mu has opened so many doors of leadership for me that I plan on using for the rest of my life. I have also made some of my best friends while being here, including my amazing Little!" - Allie Smith

"Why did I join Phi Mu? Honestly, Phi Mu chose me. I did not participate in formal recruitment my freshman year, but on Bid Day 2011, I received an Open bid for this great Fraternity. After sitting in the Amphitheater, watching my friends run down the steps to their new homes and sisters, I was tackled by the President of Phi Mu and she extended me a chance of a lifetime. I didn't even know what a Sorority was, let alone what this "Phi Mu" was, but I took a leap of faith and said yes to the best! 

Why did I stay in Phi Mu? These two greek letters, this badge of gold, the colors of Rose and White, these ideals we stand for, and this creed and bond we live for. This is why I am a Phi Mu. I am a part of a history of the second oldest women's fraternity in the nation, I am a part of the famous history that is Mu chapter here at Brenau which is the Oldest continuously running chapter of Phi Mu Fraternity on a national level. I am a part of something bigger than myself: this bond that ties me to Phi Mu sisters near and far. We are passionate about helping the children and extending those less fortunate a helping hand whenever we can.

What has Phi Mu done for me? Personally, I do not know where I would be without Phi Mu in my life. This fraternity has taught me leaderships skills and has pulled me out of my shell. If I did not accept my bid, I feel like I would be bored and less happy at Brenau. Phi Mu has molded me into the women that I am today. I started out not knowing what a sorority was, and 4 years later I have served in countless leadership roles within the Fraternity such as Membership Director and even President. Phi Mu has also brought me some of my best friends and memories. It is not just for 4 years, Phi Mu is for life. For the rest of my life, I will carry with me the love, passion, philanthropy, service, memories, ideals, sisters, and best friends of this, my Fraternity." - 2013-2014 Mu Chapter President Caitlin Hardegree

"I joined Phi Mu to find friends that last a lifetime; but what I didn't know was that on Bid Day, I would be running into the arms of the best women that I have ever known. My Phi Mu sisters have given me a home in their hearts and for that, I am so blessed." - Savannah Romans

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