New Member Experience

The Phi Program – This eight-week new member program enhances the Phi Mu Experience by helping new members transition into Fraternity membership.  The online component includes an orientation, expectations of membership and journal prompts which help our new members begin their lifetime involvement in Phi Mu.  The online modules in partnership with Phi meetings provide new members with the framework for personal, academic, social and professional growth.  

The new member experience is a fun time for our new pledges, who we call Phi's, to get to know all about the Phi Mu experience! During this time, the Phi's will go on their Phi Retreat to get to know their pledge sisters and Phi Mu better! In the past, we have had our Phi Retreats at our National Headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia! Most of our members say this is one of their favorite Phi Mu experiences by the time they graduate! Visiting headquarters is a beautiful experience as they tour a museum dedicated to the history of Phi Mu. They learn more about our sisterhood and it's hard not to fall in love with Phi Mu by the end of it! Our Phi's also receive their big sister during their eight week Phi period! They have a week where they come to the house and they receive gifts from their bigs each day! These gifts often are the essentials of a Phi Mu's experience, buttons, lettered shirts, and of course lots of goodies to help them with their transition into the college life! At the end of the week, we have a big/little reveal ceremony where the littles are surprised with their new bigs! This is often a very touching and moving ceremony and almost always has happy tears! Bigs serve their little by leading them through their Phi period, initiation, and their whole Phi Mu experience. The role of a big sister is one that is very helpful and stays with a sister throughout life. All of our bigs and littles love this week so much! The week of initiation, our Phi's go through I-Week where we have activities each day including Pass-Down, The Newly-Wed Game (for bigs and littles!), trivia round, and many other fun activities! At the end of the week, the Phi's are initiated and become PHI MU'S! For initaition, the Phi's make their big sister a paddle, a long Mu Chapter tradition, and the bigs make their little sister a personalized chair that they will sit in at chapter every week! We love this period when we welcome our Phi's into our sisterhood to become Phi Mu's!

We set our chapter room up with gifts for the Phi's to walk in and find during big little week! This is from 2014 big little week!

Each family wears matching outfits to their reveal to match with their phamily after they find out who their big is! Each Mu Chapter phamily line has a name too! This is Mu Chapter's Phierce Phamily with Grandbig Andi, her little, Lauren, and Lauren's new little, Kari who just initiated this year!

Big, Allie and Little, Olivia receive their initiation gifts after 2014 Mu Chapter initiation!